Coimhearsnachd Bharraidh agus Bhatarsaidh
Coimhearsnachd Bharraidh agus Bhatarsaidh (Barra and Vatersay Community) Limited is a company incorporated as private limited by guarantee SC285873 and a Scottish Charity SC041923

Castlebay Harbour Pontoon

The project comprises the installation of a yachting and small vessel marina near Horve, Castlebay, Isle of Barra along with the construction of a new access road, hard standing area and slipway for launching and retrieving of vessels. Marine Works:- The Contractor is required to design, fabricate and install a pontoon system including the mooring and anchoring system, access bridges, high level walkways, intermediate pier, intermediate landing pontoon, shore block and a concrete attenuator system. The pontoons will be accessed from the shore via a raised access walkway and a pair of hinged access bridges with intermediate landing pontoon. The shore end of the access walkway requires to be supported on a concrete shore block abutment and the seaward end supported on a support pier. The shore end of the upper access bridge requires to be supported on the support pier with the seaward end supported on an intermediate landing pontoon which is located on a concrete landing slab constructed on a rock bund. The shore end of the lower access bridge requires to be supported on the intermediate landing pontoon and the seaward end requires to be supported on the pontoons. The Tender requires 3 mooring options for the pontoons (piled, steel chain and nylon rope) to be proposed. The 3 options shall be priced separately with effects on programme assessed and likely risks to programme considered before choosing the final option and Contractor appointment. The marine works will include the following: - - Pontoons and finger piers, - Pontoon moorings (optional - piled, steel chain with anchors or nylon rope with anchors) - Concrete attenuators and removable access bridges with double articulation - Concrete attenuator moorings (Steel chain and anchor only) - High level access walkway, access bridges and intermediate landing pontoon - Shore block abutment, intermediate support pier and rock bund support to landing pontoon - Ancillary pontoon and attenuator equipment and services Shore Works:- The Contractor is required to design and construct the Shore Works which comprise the access road, an area of hard standing, access to the pontoon facility and a concrete slipway to the layout shown on the drawings. The Shore Works will include the following: - - Mobilisation and demobilisation to site. - Site Clearance. - Location and protection of services. - Installation and maintenance of traffic management system. - Removal and disposal of vegetation. - Diversion of services. - Removal and storage of topsoil. - Excavation to formation level. - Rockfill for hard standing area. - Rock armouring to hard standing area. - Service ducts, cabling, piping, draw pits, manholes. - Lighting column installation. - Surface drainage of hard standing and access road including tie in with public road. - Forming accesses onto the public road at the pontoon access including alterations to footways and kerbs. - Bitmac surfacing at hard standing and access road. - Excavate and preparation for slipway foundations. - Rock backfilling to slipway. - Reinforced concrete slipway slab. Taken From: