Coimhearsnachd Bharraidh agus Bhatarsaidh
Coimhearsnachd Bharraidh agus Bhatarsaidh (Barra and Vatersay Community) Limited is a company incorporated as private limited by guarantee SC285873 and a Scottish Charity SC041923

Iomairt aig an Oir Projects 

Through Iomairt aig an Oir, Community Groups can be assisted in a

number of ways. Groups have access to the Local Development Officer,

who can undertake tasks to assist the group, e.g. fund raising. Groups can

access a small consultancy fund to assist with project planning and

feasibility, and they can also access development funding, a limited fund

available to help initiate a Project.

Fisheries Projects:

Northbay Inner Harbour

Northbay Port Association has undertaken improvements to the Inner Harbour to provide a facility that can be used by all the community. The new facility has a large slipway, a second berthing wall and some onshore parking. Shelter for berthed vessels has also been improved significantly.

Castlebay Fisheries Pier

The aim of this project is to provide improved facilities for fishermen adjacent to the Vatersay

Causeway. The facility would include a 30m berthing wall, a breakwater, floating pontoons, and a range

of onshore facilities. The project is phased to allow incremental improvement to the current facilities.